A Message from Our Board of Education

A Message from Our Board of Education
Posted on 01/03/2020
Invitation to Conversation

HC Board of Education is thankful for you. 

We know the dedicated hearts and minds that go into making sure all of our students are successful.  Education is very rewarding but we acknowledge that it can present both opportunities and obstacles. Our relationship with you includes celebrating when things are great and supporting each other when we encounter obstacles.    

Please join us for a community conversation where it is our hope to listen and learn from one another, celebrate what is going well, and discuss the obstacles that may get in the way of our collective goal that all students succeed.

We appreciate you, value your input, and hope to see you on January 27 at what we expect to be a deep, meaningful experience.
RSVP Link: http://bit.ly/HCconvo
For more information, call 441-6555