Immunization Information:

Michigan Law and Michigan Health Department Administrative Guidelines require that all children entering school this fall have the immunizations listed. As per Board of Education policy, school principals will exclude and/or not permit a child to enroll/enter school who is out of compliance with the immunization schedule required by the Michigan Public Health Code.

Children 4 through 18 years of age:

  1. Two doses of MMR. Both must be after the child’s first birthday and at least one month apart. The second MMR must have been given after 15 months of age.
  2. Four doses of DPT. If all four of the doses were given before the 4th birthday, a 5th or booster is required.
  3. Three doses of Polio. If all three of the doses were given before the 4th birthday, a 4th dose or booster is required.
  4. One dose of Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine must be given. A second dose is recommended, but not required at this time.
  5. A Tetanus booster is required 10 years after the last DPT or TD.
  6. All school-age children must have been immunized against Hepatitis B. The Hepatitis B immunization is a three-shot series. The second shot is given 30 days after the first, and the third shot is given four months from the date of the first shot with a minimum of two months between the second and third shots. Do not start the series over if more time than indicated above has lapsed.

Children may receive the needed immunizations either through private physicians or clinics at the health department.

More information on requesting immunization records can be found at the Michigan Care Improvement Registry web site at