FAQ Busing

FAQ Busing
Posted on 02/18/2020
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Q: Why can’t my child have a bus transfer to go to their friends’ house after school?

A: Harper Creek Community Schools transports approximately 1,400 students daily from their homes and neighborhoods to school and back again. Currently some buses are at their capacity and are not accepting bus transfers. But it’s not just a matter of capacity, but of buses and drivers, as well. Just as there are shortages in the teacher and substitute teacher ranks, so is there a shortage of bus drivers and bus aides.

HC Transportation Director Stacy Hendon and her staff regularly monitor for overcrowding by reporting head counts of student passengers and pulling bus video to gain visual information to confirm safe and sufficient seating. Passenger counts and bus video examinations have taken place the past two weeks and at this time no bus has more than 66 student passengers.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience the no-transfer policy may cause families, but the safety of our students remains a priority.

Buses not accepting transfers: A, E, G, J, K, N, and R.