What is an SRO?

FAQ with Superintendent Ridgeway
Posted on 12/06/2019
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Q: What is an SRO?

A: SRO is the acronym for School Resource Officer. We are fortunate that our Board of Education has earmarked PILT funds for two full-time School Resource Officers for the District this year. Harper Creek Community Schools has an agreement with Emmett Charter Township to provide certified Public Safety Officers for work in our schools. Officer Rich Mackey has been with the district for five years and has been instrumental in leading the district’s school safety committee, as well as successfully writing grants to underwrite many safety initiatives, including updated security cameras, radios, training, and secure vestibules at the High School and Middle School. Officer Victor Pierce is in his second year with the District and is heavily involved with traffic flow improvements and building relationships with students. In a nutshell, Harper Creek pays a portion of the SROs wages and benefits, as well an equipped office space, and the township provides their patrol vehicles, radio systems, uniforms and accessories. It’s a great collaboration!