Board Goals

Harper Creek Community Schools



Harper Creek Community Schools commits to ensuring the principles of equity and inclusion are fully integrated into our policies, programs, operations and practices.

  • Strive to eliminate policies, structures and practices that perpetuate inequities and contribute toward the imbalance of access and outcomes for students and staff
  • Equitably distribute financial, capital and human resources through budget processes
  • Communicate and celebrate equity work being done in school and in the community

Student Achievement

Achievement scores will be above state and national assessment averages in all content areas with students achieving continued growth within all content areas.

Core Outcomes and Behaviors:

  • Demonstrates critical and creative thinking in action
  • Works collaboratively with others to solve problems and produce work
  • Demonstrates personal management in the following areas: attendance, behavior, class work and participation, study skills, and contributions to the school and community
  • Meets proficiency standards in each of the core curriculum content areas
  • Meets proficiency standards in non-core classes
  • Participates in extra-curricular and community-based activities
  • Develops life/career goals and sets concrete post-graduation plans

Safe and Nurturing Environment

Commitment to have positive climate and culture, while fostering a safe and nurturing environment to ensure optimal teaching, learning and social-emotional well-being.

Core Outcomes and Strategies:

  • Equitable practices including policy work, resource allocation and understanding of diverse students will be expected
  • Restorative practices will be implemented and integrated throughout the school district
  • Mentoring will be a vehicle to make connections with students
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports will be in place at all buildings as part of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports for students
  • Trauma training will continue to enhance understanding and strategies to help students build resilience to trauma
  • Support safe and nurturing environment for students, staff and families
  • Support a positive culture for staff and associate partners

Student / Family / Community Engagement

The District will continue to be the “Cornerstone of the Community” providing wide varieties of options for student, family and community engagement.

Core Outcomes and Partnerships:

  • Support students learning and development
  • Encourage an achievement identity, a positive self-image, and a “can do” spirit of students
  • Model lifelong learning and enthusiasm for education
  • Advocate for improved learning opportunities for students and schools
  • Partner in educational options for students, the school, and community
  • Collaborate with school staff and members of the community on issues of school improvement
  • Maintain two-way communication of education goals, outcomes and expectations
  • Emphasize the importance of student participation and family engagement through supporting curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Encourage family engagement in their student’s learning
  • Promote an open relationship with the community
Talent Recruitment & Development

Commitment to employing excellent people via strategic recruiting and enriching all current and future staff through ongoing professional development.

Core Outcomes and Strategies

  • Partnerships with local colleges and universities
  • Create network of relationships that promote and attract quality, diverse candidates
  • Hiring process and interview questions reflect equity, diversity, growth mindset, collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking
  • Support and improve district Professional Learning Communities
  • Encourage growth and innovation within Collaborative Action Teams
  • Alignment of building and district improvement plans
  • Intentionally coordinate professional development to reflect district improvement plan
  • Provide diverse, quality mentoring program

Financial Health

Commitment to being good stewards of the community’s resources and ensuring the long-term success of the District through sound, strategic financial management and transparency

Core Outcomes and Strategies:

  • Communication of the district’s budget to the community using varying modes and methods to the community and staff
  • Long-term budget forecasting
  • Fund balance maintenance will be a priority
  • Equitable allocation of resources
  • Create collaboration opportunities with districts within the county