Governor's Executive Order 04/02/2020

Governor's Executive Order 04/02/2020
Posted on 04/02/2020
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Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law an Executive Order to close all Michigan schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. I have included the basic details that we have received from the Governor’s office.

· Suspension of in-person K-12 instruction for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year

· Learning Plans must be approved by the Intermediate School District

· Schools are to continue to provide mental health services

· Schools are to continue to provide meals for families

· Seniors will be given the opportunity to graduate

· Kindergarten through 11th grade students will be given the opportunity to move to the next grade level

· All standardized test will be cancelled

· School employees will continue to be paid – assuming the Learning Plan is approved and implemented

I am sure you have many questions. I want you to know that we have been preparing for this possibility for the past three weeks. I feel we have a solid plan in place to ensure the continued education of our students. Our school staff is committed to communicating with you regularly about educational assignments and activities for students to do at home, including online options. We are also committed to the well-being of you and your children including social-emotional health and nutritional needs. School staff will begin regular check-ins with families during the remainder of the school year. You can expect to hear more about the Learning Plan in the upcoming days.

In the meantime, our food deliveries and satellite drop off locations will continue through spring break on this upcoming Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are a family and we want to ensure that our family is taken care of during this unique time in our lives.

All my best,

Rob Ridgeway

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