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July Update
Posted on 07/28/2020
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Thank you to all who reviewed the learning options and registration link I sent on Friday, July 24th. We had about half our families respond with their student’s choice for the 2020-21 school year over the weekend. It is vitally important that all students are registered for one of the two instructional models for our planning processes; virtual and face-to-face.  There were many questions regarding the request and I want to clarify as much as possible.  The information below, a Frequently Asked Questions document and the Calhoun County Department of Public Health Toolkit are included in this communication.  All may be helpful in choosing your child(rens) instructional model.  Because there was confusion we are extending the registration deadline to Monday, August 3.

Here is the Parent Selection of Learning Model Form link.

Frequently Asked Questions 

CCPHD School Toolkit 

  1. Virtual Instructional Model
    1. 100% Virtual
    2. Elementary Students –  Same HC Curriculum as the face-to-face students
    3. *High School & Middle School – Same HC Curriculum as the in-school/online instructional model
    4. Taught by HC teachers
    5. Google Classroom, Schoology, Seesaw Platforms will be used
    6. Our community school taking care of our children and families

*Low Enrollment numbers in the virtual model may result in the sole use of the Michigan Virtual University program.

  1. Face-to-Face Model
    1. K-4
      1. All day Monday through Friday in an assigned teacher’s in socially distanced classroom
    2. MS/HS
      1. The current thought is a hybrid model with some face to face and some online instruction
      2. The District is determining how many face-to-face instructional days per week for HS/MS
      3. District leaders are considering all feedback received from stakeholders in finalizing the MS/HS plan


Rob Ridgeway